satin etched glass
frameless shower door Looking for the perfectly engineered shower door?
  • Let our designers deliver the perfect product
  • Just send opening dimensions, we will do all deductions & design
  • Choose your glass and hardware
architects glass solutions Need quality glass for your projects or store shelves?
  • No Miniumum Orders
  • The glass you want to carry in stock
  • Case quantities of some products available 
frameless shower door Commercial solutions to fit any size project.
  • A wide range of textures allows you to create any impression
  • Maximum sizes and cost effective design and delivery puts you under budget
  • Find the glass that matches your project
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Trustworthy Glass Distributor and Fabricator for All Your Commercial and Residential Needs

Coastal Glass Distributors exists to help you succeed
in your competitive marketplace by providing service that is clearly superior to any alternative. So, our jobs encompass more than just the tasks we perform – they require that we care about your needs. Our work isn’t done until each customer’s need is met.

Serving our customers is worthwhile and valuable. We know that serving others does not demean us. Rather, it is the path to true achievement, which is the ability to have an impact for good. Serving with excellence is also enjoyable. We communicate that joy to our customers by being a pleasure to work with.

When our customers succeed, Coastal Glass succeeds. Our success is a by-product, not a goal. If we serve our customers with excellence in glass fabrication and distribution, our success is assured. There is no other foundation for enduring success.

When Coastal Glass succeeds, each of us succeeds.
At Coastal Glass we value each person and respect the dignity each person possesses. We are fair and considerate in all our dealings, whether we are buying, selling, or working side by side. Coastal Glass fosters employees’ growth, deploys their growing skills, and rewards them well.

Integrity is essential
for sound, enduring relationships with customers, suppliers and service providers, and fellow employees. Integrity is more than the absence of falsehood; it makes the promises that should be made, and keeps them.

Success is a moving target.
We continually increase the value we provide relative to its cost. If we are improving faster than competing distributors, we will succeed. If we ever get complacent with delivery or fabrication of your glass materials, we are on the path to failure, no matter how successful we have been.

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