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Tired of waiting weeks and the freight cost from the West Coast for your ceramic fire-rated glass? Coastal Glass Distributors is proud to announce that we are a certified distributor for Technical Glass Products Fire-rated products. We will be stocking

  • FireLite Standard and Premium
  • FireLite NT Standard and Premium
  • FireLite Plus laminated products

All orders are cut to size, labeled, and shipped from our facility.

What Is FireLite?

It is a revolutionary fire-rated glazing material which is different from ordinary window glass in that it is classified as a true ceramic. Because ceramic is resistant to high temperatures, FireLite is ideal for use in fire-rated doors and windows. Since FireLite looks and feels like ordinary glass, we often refer to it as "glass" or "glazing" to avoid confusion

Why Ceramic in Fire Rated Glass?

Ceramic is particularly well-suited for fire-rated applications because, unlike ordinary window glass, ceramic has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Just like steel and almost any other material used in building construction today, ordinary glass expands dramatically when subjected to the high temperatures inherent in a structural fire.

This high level of expansion causes ordinary glass to break at a relatively low temperature of approximately 250° F. As a point of comparison, FireLite maintains its stability even in extreme conditions where temperatures may exceed 1800° F.






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firelite CSI FireLite Plus Format Specifications

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firelite CSI FireLite NT Format Specifications


Withstanding Thermal Shock

This low coefficient of expansion is also required for the glass to withstand thermal shock. Thermal shock occurs when hot glass is subjected to the rapid cooling effects of a sprinkler system or fire hose. The "shock" of the rapid change of expansion causes the glass to shatter, sometimes explosively. Because of the pervasive use of automatic sprinklers for fire suppression, and because fire fighters use fire hoses to attack a fire, the ability to withstand thermal shock is critical for fire-rated glazing.

Stating that a fire-rated glazing product can withstand thermal shock is to say that it passed what is known as the hose stream test. As a point of clarification, fire-rated glass is required by US building codes and test standards to pass the hose stream test for use in all applications which require a fire rating of 45 minutes or higher.

Beware of products that state that they can "withstand thermal shock from sprinklers" but then say that they "have not passed the hose stream test." There is no meaningful middle ground: Either a product does pass the hose stream test or it does not. Remember, if a product does not pass the hose stream test, then it may shatter or explode when hit by water, thus leaving no protection against the transfer of fire and deadly smoke. (Note: in Canada, all fire-rated glazing must pass the hose stream test.)

Does FireLite Fire-Rated Glass Have A Tint?

Due to the fact that ceramic is comprised of different basic ingredients than those used in the fabrication of ordinary window glass, FireLite appears to have a slight auburn tint, versus the blue or green hue commonly associated with window glass. In the case of window glass, the blue or green color tends to disappear once the glass is installed in a frame and light no longer refracts directly through the edge of the glass lite. This phenomenon is also true of FireLite, which tends to possess a neutral color once installed in a door or window frame.

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